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First Visit

Your first appointment is the initial visit and usually involves a simple clinical discussion with Dr. Mariani. It is during this visit that the patient is examined and the need for treatment is determined.

If treatment is necessary, a second appointment for records is scheduled, at which time facial and intraoral photographs, orthodontic radiographs and study models are obtained. This appointment normally requires about 30 minutes.

In some instances, a consultation may be necessary to discuss the findings of the orthodontic records. This discussion will be presented in a manner understandable to both adults and children.

Finally, an hour treatment-start appointment is schedules for the placement of braces or appliances.

Once in treatment, appointments are generally brief and scheduled on a monthly basis at a time that is convenient for you.

Treatment options for children and adults may include:

  • Ceramic or clear braces
  • Mini braces with or without colors
  • Athletic comfortable braces
  • Invisalign®
  • Professional custom and stock orthodontic athletic mouthguards